Finding a Way to Forge Ahead

Growing up in an artistic home of musicians and wood sculptors, I always felt the need to express myself through the arts. Attending college at the University of Washington opened my eyes to a vast of array of mediums and forms of expression, and after one metalsmithing class I knew I had found something I would pursue for life.

Since then, moving from tiny apartment to tiny apartment in Seattle, I've managed to continue my passion, shlepping along my substantial metal working equiptment (and angering a few neighbors along the way with my hammering!).

Now that I have moved my studio to the rural and artistic community on Whidbey Island, WA, I have a real studio where I am free to hammer as loud as I want, and my ideas can flow as easily as the island tide.

My jewelry is the result of meticulous handwork, forging and fabricating forms out of metal and carefully finishing every clasp and earring by hand. The designs are unique and bold but wearable. I'm always seeking ways of achieving voluminous form without weighing down the wearer. I want my customers to feel fabulous as well as comfortable.